When Should the Brakes Be Inspected?

Your new car's braking system will develop wear and tear on its moving parts, just like any other piece of machinery. Your brakes, however, are far more important than most people actively think about. You apply brakes, the car stops.

It is of paramount importance to maintain those brakes according to the schedule required and recommended by your new car warranty. The inspections and adjustment need to be done by a qualified, authorized technician. Your local dealer has such authorized technicians in his employ, and they are uniquely professionally qualified to examine your brakes and make the repairs and adjustments required by your auto manufacturer's schedule. Failure to maintain your vehicle according to this schedule may invalidate your warranty and damage your vehicle. So, protect your family, your vehicle, and yourself. Call your local manufacturer's dealer and schedule an appointment today, and keep that warranty valid, and your family safe!
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