Isn't Buying Better Than Leasing?

A lot of people may want to own their car outright. After all, you've made payments faithfully for a number of years, and now, you want to keep your vehicle. Right?

The chances are you will trade in the vehicle for a new one, and have monthly payments again. Unless you have taken outstanding care of your vehicle, you know that it has its fair share of those little headaches, and you want a new car.

That's where leasing comes in. When you lease a vehicle, the car is yours, as long as you make the monthly payment. At the end of the lease term, you can release the car back to the dealer, or you can opt to purchase the car at a greatly reduced price, since you're basically purchasing a used vehicle. There is a difference in financing and other factors. If you are interested in the difference, consult your local dealer, and he will help you find which option is best for you.
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